About iSocket

Based in San Francisco with additional offices in New York City, iSocket is a fast-moving technology company that’s changing the way reserved media is bought and sold online. iSocket launched in 2009 with the world’s first programmatic direct solution for premium publishers. In 2011, iSocket was the first company to integrate with Google’s DFP, and in 2012, launched the first fully extensible API-based platform for the automation of reserved media sales.

Meet the Team

  • Richard JalichandraRichard JalichandraCEO
  • Mike FarrarMike FarrarCOO / CFO
  • Karl BunchKarl BunchCTO
  • Casey SaranCasey SaranCPO
  • Kevin McCabeKevin McCabeVP, Sales and Business Development
  • Steve RoachSteve RoachVP, Publisher Sales
  • Andres LahozAndres LahozVP, Demand Sales
  • Lisa BackmanLisa BackmanVP, Operations and Client Services
  • Nhan PhanNhan PhanVP, Engineering